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You know we made Haleem not one variation two, one is a quick one is the traditional method of making haleem today in Hyderabad the chicken haleem has become very popular I think one of the main reason is the price,

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the chicken haleem is half the price that of lamb, so dear friends today I’m going to show you how to make the chicken haleem which is i think is easy to make because i’m going to put all of the ingredients and we’re going to put in a blender and going to make it I’ve got kabab chinni.

kabab chinni is also a kind of you know we call it pepper but this belongs to allspice family and it gives a very nice flavor if you cannot get it that’s fine you know if you cannot get one or two flavoring ingredients you can make without it and I’m telling you still come fantastic shahi jeera, look at this you know i’m going to give you the measurements for this so watch out the recipe with the measurements green cardamom, peppercorns and cloves; this is regular jeera and cinnamon stick look at this all of these spice put together it would be like one tablespoon of spices.

In this we’re going to add some sesame seeds, half a teaspoon or 1 teaspoon of moong dal, urad dal wash, masoor dal that is the red lentil, chana dal almonds and instead of barley today I’m going to use oats Dahlia. Dahlia is broken wheat instead of wheat i’m using this and you can always substitute this.

Now you know I’ve got all of this what I’m going to do i’m just going to put all of this in a blender and make into a fine powder you know last time and I did I made them coarse but this time i’m going to make it fine because we’re going to make a simpler version now that this has become.

a nice powder i’m going to show you how to make quickly haleem in a pressure cooker so far this we’re going to add 2 tbsp of ghee you know people add lot of oil or ghee in making their haleem but when you make it home you want a little bit less of fat; on in the ghee add ginger-garlic paste cooking this chicken Halima pressure cooker because we want it to be very easy because chicken usually doesn’t take much time to get fully cooked but when.

you’re making haleem whatever meat you are using you want it to be totally disintegrated mashed into it so pressure cooker is always better once you saute this ginger garlic paste, add chicken you know here have taken boneless chicken but you know the real flavor comes from the bones that is what the we all do so what I did is I took all the bones you know.

made a stock but not a traditional stock I just put all of the bones and then let this boil and i’m going to use that water in this so if you want you can add regular water or else add chicken stock to this that way your haleem will be much more flavorful once you add this now we’re going to add the rest of the ingredients I’ve got fried onion 2 onions that have been fried till they are nicely golden just add in this.

see this onion will not only give nice coloring but also sweet and nice flavor to our haleem whenever you add fried onions into gravies what happens it gives a nice silky consistency even in this haleem you know not only the lentils and all it even the fried onions will give a nice silky consistency in this we’re going

to add the rest of ingredients rose petals if you have add them add 2tablespoon of curd this is also optional curd if you wantyou can add green chillies chopped coriander and a little bit of a choppedmint you know just to add some flavor insidethis in this we’re going to add some salt you know this is going.

to take a lot ofsalt so add this powder of all these spices dals and lentils including the oats and look at this ok this is going to be perfect the bestthing when you’re doing like this adding this powder is you bring this toa nice boil that way there.

won’t be any lumps when you’re cooking this okay this isgood you know now there are no more lumps itis already hot enough so i’m going to put the lid on the pressure cooker ok whenever you put the lid release the air and lock it after you locking once again check release the air and now you can cook it on a high flamefor the first two whistles after that reduce the flame and let itsit on the stove for at least 40 minutes that’s when your chicken will totally bemashed and will be perfect for making haleem.

Now after cooking for around 45minutes you know this is wow look at this it is still boiling but be careful do not remove it when it’s really hot like this and even though there’s water on top you know this is going to be totally mashed up you know take this potato masher because this is chicken you know unlike meat this is going to be mashed in no time just you know take the masher and keep mashing.

at the same time you know like the stove now once again and while this is cooking underneath just keep mashing it like this you know because this chicken in just two-three minutes your haleem will be ready and that too chicken haleem you know Wow look at this.

this is already looking like Haleem chicken you know haha wow yeah making Haleem otherwise i would have bought my pot of kallu all these threads of chicken are forming now but do not worry this will become fantastic in no time and you know make sure you check the seasoning of mixing this for such a long time this is finally come to look like haleem you know if you want you can also put this in a blender just for one or two pulses and you will be able to make it pretty easily but the amount of chicken what I used is a lotto the mixture what I added but that’s okay that’s how I like it so in this we’re going to add some extra ghee and just mix this and your haleem is all ready now.

that should be good enough i’m going to switch off the flame.

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in this we’re going to add some lime juice ok just to give some kind of you know sourness and the refreshing flavors after cooking this for a long time wow you know here is our chicken haleem you know this Ramadan I’m enjoying so much making haleem at home and I can put this in the refrigerator and have it for at least 2days wow and you know you will not believe even for breakfast I like to put this on the toast and eat.

wow it will be so tasty the most important thing about haleem always enjoy it with you know egg lime juice mint chopped coriander some cashew nut, fried onion on top and more importantly

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